Monday, June 8, 2015

Stun Gun Pen 1.2 Million Volts w/ LED Flashlight, Great For Father’s Day!

This unit is great for someone that needs a self defense weapon that’s easy to carry and doesn’t use much space. 

Perfect for Father’s Day which is on June 21st, as well! The Stun Gun Pen 1.2 Million Volts w/ LED Flashlight can also be used by women, students, seniors and anyone that needs a non lethal weapon for self defense.

This stun pen is discreet and comes with a black nylon holster. By looking at it, people will think it’s some kind of magic marker or thin flashlight, but with 1.2 Million Volts in action, just the sound it makes, will make people stay away! Simply touch a person with this unit and keep touching them, until they fall to the ground and become totally helpless! No muscles required on your part… Just leave the scene afterwards and don’t look back. Perfect for men, women, students, seniors and don’t forget; Father’s Day!

The Stun Gun Pen 1.2 Million Volts w/ LED Flashlight includes a safety cap, LED flashlight, built in rechargeable battery and a rubberized armor coating that protects the unit and offers a firm grip. Plus, as mentioned before, it also comes with a holster.

This stun gun self defense unit includes a Lifetime Warranty and is the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Plus, of course, it’s also perfect for women and student’s, too!

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