Friday, June 19, 2015

Lipstick Stun Gun 3 Million Volts, 5 Different Colors Available

It doesn’t look like a 3 million volt weapon and that’s the beauty of it! Disguised units for women’s self defense are the best way for us to defend ourselves from an attacker or rapist.
These beautiful and disguised self defense stun gun units, come in handy when you are out on a date, in a night club or simply walking through the neighborhood. Having a unit that you can take out without raising any eyebrows, is a good thing, in this case… It’s called the Lipstick Stun Gun 3 Million Volts! 

All us women need to do is take the cap off and press a button from this disquised unit! Not much muscle is involved, since simply touching an attacker with the unit, will eventually drop him to the ground and render him helpless. Not to imply that all attackers are he’s, some she’s could be dangerous too!

Lipstick Stun Gun 3 Million Volts Of Self Defense For Women
- Disguised stun guns bring an element of surprise
- 3 Million volts of takedown power
- No batteries needed, simply recharges with supplied cord
- Bright LED light for better vision or temporarily blinding an attacker
- Small; 5 inches x 1 inch
- Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer’s defect

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