Friday, October 16, 2015

A Must For Exterior Sliding Glass Doors And Regular Entrances As Well

Are you still using a broom stick to lock your exterior glass doors? Do you trust your home's regular front door to prevent burglars from entering?

There is an affordable way to protect your home's entrances, whether you have a regular entrance or sliding glass doors. Give up you broom stick and make way for the Dual Function Door Brace! It's attractive, built with 20 gauge steel and perfect for preventing home intruders.

This Dual Function Door Brace, also has a unique "U" shaped end that can be attached to a REGULAR DOOR KNOB, as well. The opposite end is made of rubber which prevents floors from being scratched, while it's placed vertically... a home intruder's worst enemy! This affordable unit adjust's from 45 1/2" extended to 31" closed and requires no extra tools.

So, keep your beautiful sliding glass doors and regular ones from home intruders and get rid of that ugly broom stick. Enjoy the view for a change... That's why you got those doors to begin with!

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