Thursday, October 8, 2015

A New Breed Of Stun Gun, With 21 Million Volts, Alarm And Squeeze Technology!

This innovative and unique self defense stun gun is easier to use and includes a 120dB alarm, to notify others that you are in a dangerous situation.
Not only does this unit have 21 Million Volts, but it has extras, like a 120dB ALARM, to alert others of your situation. This incredibly unique unit, can drop an attacker to the ground by a simple SQUEEZE! Another difference between this new unit and others, is that it is LONGER, to prevent sparks from touching your hand! This particular unit is available in black and white zigzag colors.

What do you call it, you might ask? The Ladies Choice Stun Gun 21 Million Volts Chevron Design! Of course, besides the self defense features mentioned above, it also includes a disable pin, to prevent an attacker from using it against you. Plus, it has a rubberized exterior which protects the unit and also prevents slippage from your hand. This squeeze unit includes a handy, black durable holster and of course, let's not forget that it includes a 120dB alarm, too!

It's a simple to use 21 Million Volts stun gun, just squeeze the unit in your hand and touch an attacker for self defense. Keep touching him or her, until they fall to the ground and become incoherent! Then leave the scene immediately!

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