Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mace Pepper Spray Gun For Citizens!

Did you know that citizens can carry pepper spray guns? They reach 15 feet away and include an LED light, to shine on an attacker's eyes.

They are called the Mace Pepper Spray Gun and are built with civilian's self defense in mind. These units for women or men are far less expensive than real guns, yet can deter an attacker and allow you to escape from harms way.

Mace Pepper Spray Gun Self Defense Features
- 20 Feet reach, for distance safety
- Shoots at any angle, even upside down
- 1 Replaceable water cartridge for practice (7 short blasts)
- 1 Replaceable Pepper cartridge (7 short blasts)
- LED light for shining into attacker's eyes or surroundings
- UV Marking Dye to help police identify attacker
- Black unit only; includes extra STROBE light
- Available in black, pink, silver, navy blue and camo

The perfect self defense Mace unit for women or men in the market today which is non lethal and easy to use. You won't need to replace the gun because unlike other pepper spray units, extra cartridges are sold separately! It's also affordable for women, only $55.99... A whole lot less expensive than a real firearm and it also includes an LED light. Great for shining into an attacker's eyes in the evenings by temporarily blinding them, besides using the pepper spray, of course!

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