Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Small 3.5" Long Stun Gun With 6 Million Volts Of Self Defense That Helps Fight BREAST CANCER

Nobody could ever tell by looking at your hand, that you are caring a self defense, non lethal weapon. It's so small that people might confuse it with a car door opener!
This self defense unit which a portion of the proceeds goes to fight BREAST CANCER, is the smallest stun gun at our Women On Guard website. But don't let the size fool you! It's powerful 6 Million Volts, is nothing to laugh about... The Keychain Stun Gun Pink or Black 6 Million Volts Rechargeable unit, can take an individual down and make them incoherent and completely vulnerable. Simply touch an attacker with it, until they hit the ground. Afterwards, leave the scene and don't look back!

Keychain Stun Gun Pink or Black 6 Million Volts Rechargeable Features
- Helps fight BREAST CANCER
- 6 Million Volts of self defense, take down power
- Conveniently attaches to your keyring, making it handy all the time
- Small, only 3.5" x 1.25" x .75"
- Easy to conceal in hand, or pocket
- Built in charger, just plug unit into wall socket
- LED light, temporarily blind's attacker or can be used for viewing surroundings
- Convenient safety and separate activation switch
- Pink leatherette holster with clip and keyring
- Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer's defect

Self defense has never been easier for women or men... Plus, the unit helps fight BREAST CANCER!

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