Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Have You Heard About The "Pink Tax"?

It's been creeping on consumers for a while now and women are the victims of this unfair practice by retailers.

A few years ago a news article appeared that showed, women's retail purchases were being priced higher than the same product offered to men. Well ladies, after all these years, we are sad to say that it's still happening! It's called the "Pink Tax" which means that women get charged more money from retailers, for the same products men buy. Us females are being charged more money for the same product men buy. Of course, some products might be different, but things like soap, shaving lotions, and casual clothes, are cheeper for men to buy than it is for us!

These are basically prejudice retailers, taking advantage of women, or practicing "Pink Tax". Next time us ladies go to a store, we should check the prices for the same brand items used by women and men. Let's take them to the register table of our frequently visited stores and INSIST we get the same price offered to men for the same product! We get victimized more than men, just by walking in society... Let's not also get victimized with higher prices, for the same items men buy cheeper!

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