Monday, October 12, 2015

Wildfire Pepper Spray Has 18% Devastating Heat, For Your Self Defense, Only $8.49

It's not only one of the hottest pepper spray around, but it also has a convenient quick key release keychain, most other units lack!
There are many self defense units for women and men in the market today, but very few can allow you to pepper spray a person and at the same time, leave your key at your home door, or your car ignition! You see this wildfire unit has a clip that lets you detach it from your keys and use it on an attacker, in other words, a "quick key release keychain"!

The Pepper Spray Wildfire 18% Red Hard Case prepare's you for any desperate situation where quickness is essential for your self defense. You won't need to worry about an attacker harming you, whether you are walking, in a vehicle or simply hanging out at a nightclub!

Wildfire Self Defense Features Include: 18% devastating heat, quick key release keychain, 5 bursts, 8 feet reach, belt clip, UV Marking Dye for identification of attacker by police and available in red, pink, black and blue.

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