Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Solar Oven Bag for Emergencies And Camping!

We all need some sort of backup if our electricity goes out or if we are camping or hunting in the wilderness and we need to cook food.

The Solar Oven Bag, is very convenient for survival emergencies as well as for cooking when camping. The Solar Oven Bag can reach a temperature of up to 289 degrees Fahrenheit! Of course it will also depend on what time of year you use it outdoors and how much sunlight there is. Plus, it’s great for emergencies, if your electricity goes out!

This Solar Oven Bag cooks slowly, like a slow cooker. It will cook, while you enjoy the outdoor surroundings and of course, it’s handy on survival situations…  Since it cooks slowly, the food will be more tender and juicy, as well! It can even be used at home, to save energy costs!

This unit measures 2” x 15 ½” x 19” inches and includes a handy bag to store it in. When cooking food outdoors, a UV index of 4+ is recommended. Great for survival emergencies and camping!

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