Thursday, May 26, 2016

Buy Wildfire Pepper Spray 18% with Quick Key Release!

The Wildfire Pepper Spray 18%, is a great weapon for women or men's self defense. Did you know that you can get them with a Quick Key Releases, too?
A Quick Key Release makes it easier for you to use a pepper spray, even if your keys are in a car ignition or your home's door knob. Simply, quick release the keychain apart and spray an attacker!

Quick Key Release's are very handy to have for self defense and make it easier to react fast with your pepper spray, in a dangerous situation. If you already have a pepper spray unit, but don't have a Quick Key Release, don't worry, we also sell them separately, too! PLUS, these self defense units are also available in Soft Case or Hard Case, in the same colors!
The Wildfire 18% unit w/ Quick Key Release, in Soft Case or Hard Cases, contain 6-10 one second bursts and can reach up to 6-8 feet away. They also include a UV Marking Dye, that facilitates authority in capturing the right individual, when they place them under a UV Lamp!

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