Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Compact Mace® KeyGuard, Virtually Unnoticed In Your KeyChain and Refillable!

This Mace® pepper spray only measures 3.25 inches, and has a key ring, so you can add it to your keychain. Nobody will ever know you have a self defense unit. Plus, it's REFILLABLE!

When women or men carry this unit, it goes virtually unnoticed by others, giving you the advantage of speed, for your self defense. The small unit is available in pink and black with a convenient key ring.

Since this Mace® KeyGuard Self Defense Spray is small, you have the option of also refilling it! If you run out of the hot pepper, you can always refill it with the Mace Pepper Pen and KeyGuard Refill! Which contains approximately 15 refills. This unit shoots pepper spray in a cone shape, not a stream, and can shoot 6 blasts that reach up to 5 feet away!

When using the Mace® KeyGuard Self Defense Spray, simply open the top and aim at an attacker's face, focusing especially on the eyes. When you focus on the eyes, it will burn so much that the attacker will have to shut his or her eyes from all the pain inflicted! The spray can eventually go into their nostrils, as well, and be inhaled into the lungs. It can also penetrate into their mouth if it's opened!

While the attacker is in terrible pain, you can immediately leave the scene and escape safely! The effects of the Mace will lesson in about 45 minutes.

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