Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother’s Day Gift: Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter, No Need For Strangers To Help!

Women don’t have to worry if their car battery runs low anymore! This mini or compact car battery charger is not heavy, making it simple to use.

This Mother’s Day Gift is made with women in mind. No more asking STRANGERS for a jump! You won’t need another vehicle to start your engine again. The incredible compact charger will start your car in no time. It has an incredible 60000 mHh, which can start a car 10 times! It's called the Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter.

Other features besides the starter include: emergency lights or LED lights that can last 30 hours, a strobe light to attract attention and emergency light for SOS signal that lasts 90 hours. This battery pack can be used as a cell phone charger or for any other electronic device, as well!

The Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter with emergency lights that can start a car 10 times, is perfect for a Mother’s Day Gift, and for all the ladies in your life. It comes with 3 extra accessories for other uses. Plus don't forget that it starts a car 10 times and also includes a cell phone charger!

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