Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Solar Powered Dummy Security Camera Black, Only $16.95

Are you concerned about potential burglars roaming in your home or business establishment? Heres an easy fix and a very affordable solution!

At we have what are called Dummy Cameras. They have the same shell as real security cameras, but won’t cost as much, because they don’t record video. Instead, they have a red blinking light that makes the unit look like a legit recording camera. But the truth is, that it’s only used to scare burglars or intruders away, affordably. These cameras don’t record!

Placing the Solar Powered Dummy Security Camera Black, for only $16.95, outside your home or business, will deter intruders or burglars. It’s very convenient and affordable because normally a real security camera that records, can cost more than $1,000… PLUS, this security camera has a BLINKING LIGHT that recharges it’s self, since it’s SOLAR POWERED!

The Solar Powered Dummy Security Camera Black, cost’s only $16.95, since it doesn’t need actual video tape… This unit has a red blinking light, as mentioned before, and can be positioned in many ways. The red blinking light runs on 2, AA RECHARGEABLE batteries which ARE INCLUDED! Dimensions are: 8.5” x 3.5” x 7”. It’s available in black or white colors.

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