Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mother's Day Gift: Taser C2 - Fashion Pink Gold Package

Back in 2009, women started using a new, non lethal weapon by Taser International, called the TASER C2. It's still popular and the best unit women can use. Plus makes a great Mother's Day Gift.

Why is it the best weapon? Because it's simple to use and uses an accurate aiming technology that makes it impossible for you to miss a targeted attacker or rapist! This easy to use unit for women and men too, changed our lives by making it easier for us to protect ourselves. Below are the incredible features of the Taser C2 which is available in: pink, yellow, red and silver.

TASER C2 FEATURES, The ultimate weapon for self defense:
• A non lethal weapon, won't land you in prison
• Allows 15 feet of personal protection
• Includes LED light for viewing surroundings
• Stun gun backup, if probes have been already deployed
• Automatic 30 sec. stunning if placed on ground
• Permit not required in most USA States
• No kickback that will hurt a person's shoulder
• Doesn't use gun powder, cleaning not necessary

PLUS, Taser International will gladly replace the non lethal unit, if you provide evidence by getting a police report of the incident!

This easy to use, self defense unit, with no kickback, is the ultimate Mother's Day Gift!

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