Thursday, May 12, 2016

Do You Need a Personal Alarm to Protect You and Your Stuff? Get One For Only $15.95

At, we have a unique personal alarm, that not only alerts others that you are in danger, but it also protects your belongings!

If you live in a city that doesn't allow pepper spray to be used, the next best thing to have is a personal alarm. These units are normally used for people to alert other's, if they are in some kind of danger or to alert other's that they need help... But the unit which only cost's $15.95, can also be used as a 10 feet motion detector!

The Mini Personal Travel Alarm with Motion Detector and LED light, works two ways; it let's others know that you have an emergency or need help and also alerts you, if someone is steeling something that you own. You see, this unit also has a ten feet MOTION DETECTOR! By simply placing this unit next to something you value, like your laptop, if it's tampered with, an alarm will go off! Just make sure that it has a wall, cabinet or a permanent background behind it. Then, if a person moves your laptop, the Mini Personal Travel Alarm with Motion Detector, will sound an ear piercing 100 dB alarm! This will let you know that someone was messing with your stuff. Of course, it also can be hung on a drawer, door knob or any other place you might need to secure something important, such as perhaps a firearm!

This unit includes an LED light, carrying strap, 10 feet motion detector, an ear piercing 100 dB alarm, plus batteries are also included... All for just $15.95.

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