Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Are You Feeling The Pollen Yet? Allergy Season is from March till September!

Did you know that pollen season starts with tree pollen in March, grass pollen in mid May and finally stops with weed pollen in June through September?

Yeap, I'm feeling it now... Along with many others that are allergic to pollen. Basically it's here all the time, except for the winter season. If you are allergic to pollen in general, you are better off maybe living in Canada or Antartica!

My mother suffered from pollen, especially the Mango tree pollen during the summer in Florida. We loved the Mango trees, but literally cried tears when the trees were flowering. I quickly learned that it wasn't only in Florida when I decided to move from Florida to Georgia... That was a HUGE mistake, because I wasn't accustomed to the pollen there... Eventually, I had to visit an allergy doctor, once a month for allergy pills! The pollen in Georgia was worse than in Florida! During the mornings, you could literally see pollen along the roof of parked cars and rivers of flowing yellow pollen next to the curbs of the streets.

I later learned that in order NOT to have pollen allergies, was to grow up in a State where you were born and used to breathing the pollen as a child. OR, live in Canada or Antartica and have the Mangos shipped to you!

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