Thursday, March 9, 2017

Have You Ever Wondered Why Our Website Has An Escape Button On The Top Far Right of Our Page?

The Escape button on our website, is to allow women that are experiencing domestic violence from their spouse or other individuals.

Many women in our country experience domestic violence. It could be from a spouse or acquaintance. Women in abusive relationships sometimes need personal protection, but it can be difficult to obtain, if their abuser is near or around them.

At we know how difficult it is to purchase a self defense unit, if the person that is closest to you, such as your violent spouse, is watching every move you make! That's why we added an ESCAPE button on the far right top corner of our website.

All a battered woman would have to do is click on the ESCAPE button on the top right side of our website! This maneuver will AUTOMATICALLY send her to the main GOOGLE SEARCH page! The abuser will have no idea that she was trying to look for a self defense unit.

If you know of a domestic violence battered woman that needs help, please inform her of this important ESCAPE button that goes directly to GOOGLE SEARCH... So that she can purchase her own self defense unit with no repercussions!

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