Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Disguised Lipstick Pepper Spray, Brings an Element of Surprise to a Would Be Attacker!

One of the most popular self defense units we have in our store, are the Lipstick Pepper Sprays. Women usually carry lipstick with them, these units can be very convenient!
Our store has 6 different classy color lipsticks. Since they are disguised, attackers think they are simply run of the mill units, but they are wrong! They are beautiful units that look like real lipstick, but they're not! Disguised units bring an element of surprise to a would be attacker.

These self defense Lipstick Pepper Spray units are very easy to use. Simply take off the cap and spray an attacker in the face, especially in the eyes! The attacker will start crying from all the pain it inflicts. He or she would have to close their eyes and be temporarily blind. This gives you an opportunity to escape safely!

They are available in 6 different classy color lipsticks for women: lavender, black, blue, pink, red and silver.

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