Monday, March 27, 2017

Breast Cancer Self Defense Special

Here's an opportunity to help women that have Breast Cancer and at the same time protecting you from harm's way!

This Breast Cancer Self Defense Special includes an 8.8 Million volts stun gun and a pepper spray with a keyring, for self defense against rapist or attackers. PLUS, a portion of the proceeds goes to fight Breast Cancer! Below are the features of this incredible offer.

Stun Gun; Simply Touch an Attacker
• Proceeds go to fight Breast Cancer
• Powerful 8.8 million volts of self defense
• Built in charger, simply plugs into an outlet
• Includes an LED flashlight
• Disable Pin, prevents attacker from using it against you
• Rubberized exterior, won't slip from hand
• Includes a Safety Switch
• Has a Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer's defect

Pepper Spray; Simply Aim at Face
• Includes a safety lock
• Perfectly attaches to your keys
• Choice of hard or soft case
• Reaches 7 feet away
• Contains 5 to 6 one second bursts
• UV Marking Dye, confirms right attacker caught

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