Friday, March 24, 2017

New: Dog Spray w/ Key Ring SABRE Red Protector, $19.95

Does your neighborhood have many unleashed roaming around dogs? Most dogs are sweet, but some can be dangerous, especially if they are delusional.

If you ever have come across a dangerous or aggressive canine, you know how scary it is! Not only that, but if you have a sweet pet, they can also become a victim of an aggressive mutt! That’s why we added to our website the Dog Spray w/ Key Ring SABRE Red Protector!

For only $19.95, you can protect yourself and your pup, while walking down the street. If you are a person that exercise's outdoors, it's a must to carry this small unit, as well… The Dog Spray w/ Key Ring SABRE Red Protector won't permanently harm an aggressive canine, but will deter aggressive dogs from getting near you again! All you have to do is spray the unit by focusing on their eyes and nose. They will feel the burn and turn away from you! The burning sensation will last for a few minutes. The unit can reach 12 feet away and contains 14 bursts. It shoots a thin stream, so that the wind won't push it toward you. This unit also includes a convenient key ring.

Don't get mad and harm a dangerous dog permanently, use the Dog Spray w/ Key Ring SABRE Red Protector, that reaches 12 feet for only $19.95. It's the humane way to let an animal know, that you or your pup, are not going to be victims of an attack!

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