Thursday, March 16, 2017

NEW: Rearview WiFi Bike Camera By Cyclecam

More Americans are using bikes to go to work, exercise or for running errands. Our store has a new unit that allows you to see behind you and it's not a mirror!

This new unit is a revolution for bikers. They won't need a mirror to see behind them because the Rearview WiFi Bike Camera, will do it for them! It's used with your smartphone and can stream videos, so you can see behind you by looking at your smartphone's image in front of you. It offers real time video and can also record videos, as well.

This revolutionary Rearview WiFi Bike Camera, changes the way you see things behind you, just like automobiles that use rearview video cameras. If you ride a bicycle often, this item is perfect for you!

Read more details in our website about this bicycle, by clicking on the link above!

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