Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sometimes I think I'm a Nomad... My Family History Definitely Verifies It!

It probably wasn't my fault, my parents moved a lot. But for some reason, the itch to move was somehow instilled in me, too!

As a kid, my parents moved to the USA from Cuba. They found a nice duplex in Miami, Florida. But, that wasn't the end of a move, but a trend that went on for years! They had the itch to get into better and bigger homes. Especially since they had 4 kids, including me. But, I somehow think that they had the nomad gene in them, because by the time I was 18 or so... we had moved 11 times and even lived in Spain for 3 years in 3 apartments! Friends called us the Martinez Nomads...

Somehow with all the moving around, I think I picked up the itch to move too... Just like my parents, I also moved several times; lived in Georgia in a loft, and several other places. Eventually I also moved back to South Florida and lived in 2 more neighborhoods. In all, I have moved with my parents and with my other half, get this... 24 TIMES!

When I look back, I realize that since my parents moved so much, I never was able to keep friends for long... That makes me sad, because staying for long periods of time in one place, offers long standing friendships, that I couldn't acquire. But it was nice to see other parts of the world. Somehow, all the 24 times moving and traveling has made me appreciative more, our existence in this wonderful planet with all it's diversity and cultures.

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