Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mace Muzzle Dog Attack Defense Spray, Protects You and Your Dog!

Does your neighborhood have a lot of loose dogs? Sometimes they can be aggressive... Don't hurt them, just carry protection against them!

Most dogs are harmless and trained, but sometimes you may encounter a lost dog that can be threatening, dangerous or simply a mean spirited canine. At WomenOnGuard.com we have pepper spray for dogs, that can deter the animals from attacking you or your pup.

All you have to do is spray them in the eyes. The Mace Muzzle Dog Attack Defense Spray is the humane way to prevent a dog attack. It will not permanently hurt the dogs, but it will deter them from you, when you spray them with it. Simply aim at a dog's nose, eyes or mouth and spray the fine stream at them. It will temporarily deter them, just like you would if you pepper sprayed a human. The Mace Muzzle Dog Attack Defense Spray, will not cause permanent damage to a canine, but will stop them in a humane way!

This unit is convenient for people that walk their dogs, as well. A dangerous dog can also attack your puppy or older canine when you walk them around your block. Remember that this pepper spray comes in a stream, just like other units, not as a spray... for better aim!

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