Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift: Jolt Mini Stun Gun 46 Million Volts, ONLY $23.95

What better gift than one that will protect your loved ones? Time for Valentine's Day Gifts is just around the corner... Give them something they really need, like a self defense gift to keep them safe!

Forget the candy and chocolates, your loved ones will better appreciate a self defense unit that can offer protection for them! The Jolt Mini Stun Gun, in BLACK, PINK or PURPLE, is what they need to stay safe. The unit has 46 Million Volts of protection in your hand!

Stun guns only require you to touch an attacker, to take them down to the ground. NO NEED TO PUSH! Just keep touching until they fall and become incoherent, then leave the scene immediately!
FEATURES INCLUDE: 46 Million Volts, 3 points of contact, metal disable pin (if attacker takes it from you, the unit will not work), built in charger, LED flashlight, safety switch, rubberized armor coating, a free holster and a 5 year warranty!

Perfect for a Valentine's Day Gift and only cost's $23.95!

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