Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift: If You Ever Have to Protect Yourself, But Not Kill Someone, The TASER PULSE is for You!

That's the beauty of having a powerful, non lethal unit for protection against a rapist or attacker. You are not harmed and most importantly, you won't go to prison for using it!

Many lives have been saved, because police use Tasers instead of lethal weapons. Plus, civilians can also carry Tasers that are similar to what police use, as well! Below are some brief descriptions of the unit.

Let's focus on the TASER Pulse, Black and it's features
Non lethal weapon, won't land you in prison
• Civilian model reaches attacker 15 feet away
• Includes LASER AIMING, never miss a target
• LED light for viewing your surroundings
• If cartridge is fired, the unit can be used as a stun gun backup
• Automatic 30 sec. stunning if placed on ground while escaping
• No kickback, it won't hurt women's shoulder when shot
• There is no permit required to use the unit in most States
• No dirty gun powder mess, to clean up
• Taser International replaces if stolen, w/ a police record of incident
• Measures 5.25" x 4.74" x 1.25"
• Plus, other incredible features...

Of course, at, we carry our non lethal TASER Pulse in our purses. It not only gives us peace of mind with 15 feet protection, but it also defends us if needed. Plus, it won't land us in prison, if used... Also, remember that it won't hurt women's shoulders when deployed, because there is NO KICKBACK!

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