Thursday, February 16, 2017

Have You Ever Heard of a Pen That Can Collect DNA?

If you ever get into trouble with a rapist or attacker, we have a pen that you can use... Just show police the DNA of your attacker, and help them confirm they caught the right individual!

This black pen not only can carry DNA, but it also writes and has a flashlight to shine at an attacker's eyes. The unit is almost indestructible and made with a shock proof exterior made of Military Grade aluminum! Plus, it's also water resistant, in case there is bad weather. 

The Police Force Tactical Pen w/Light and DNA Collector, flashlight with 80 lumens, can also temporarily blind an individual if you shine it directly toward their eyes. Plus, you can also use the unit as a self defense weapon with it's pressure point cap or for gathering DNA from an attacker. It can also be used as a window breaker, similar to a Kubotan, as well!

The self defense Police Force Tactical Pen w/Light and DNA Collector unit, comes with a clip and Lifetime Warranty, as well!

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