Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift: LED Clip On Shoe Lights, Several Colors To Choose From!

These handy lights will protect your loved ones, while they are walking, running, biking or even camping at night and are available in 6 colors!

Walking in the dark is risky, because cars can't see you. Many people would be safer if they whore a light that others can see easily. These safety Valentine's Day Gift units can be set to constantly stay on while you are on the go, or they can blink, which is even more noticeable! The LED Clip On Shoe Lights can also be warn on your ankle, wrist, purse or even attached to a bicycle...

These handy safety Shoe Lights are weather resistant, lightweight and easy to put on. Available in 6 colors: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow Pink and White. These Safe Step LED Clip On Shoe Lights come One Unit Per Package! Simply perfect for a Valentine's Day Gift!

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