Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Are You Looking For a None Lethal Stun Gun or Baton For Self Defense? has many types of stun guns and batons on our website. Small ones, large ones, with small voltages and also incredibly powerful voltages with 46 Million Volts!

Disguised self defense units such as Stun Guns and Batons, are very popular because by looking at them, they don't seem to be a weapon. That's the beauty of owning a unit. We have stun guns that are disguised, such as lipstick stun guns. We also have long batons, for more distance from an attacker. The stun guns usually have LED lights and a disable pin wrist strap.

The disable pin wrist straps, are very convenient for self defense... If an attacker takes the unit from you, the strap will disconnect from the stun gun unit and become unusable! You see the wrist strap needs to be attached to your wrist, for the unit to work... Therefore, if the ATTACKER TAKES THE UNIT from you, it WON'T WORK, because the strap is not attacked to YOUR wrist. This give's you the opportunity to escape safely.

Besides STUN GUNS, we also have BATONS that allow more room from you and an attacker, most of the batons also have have LED lights and more separation space from the criminal. One baton in particular can reach up to 19 inches long! Check all our stun guns and batons, you're sure to find one you like for self defense!

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