Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift: Mace® KeyGuard Self Defense Spray in Pink or Black

Mace® has been around for decades. Since 1965, women and probably your mother, bought Mace for personal protection! You can too...

At, we have many Mace products and the one we want to share with you is the unique Mace KeyGuard Self Defense Spray perfect for a Valentine's Day Gift. It's very convenient to carry, only measures 3.25 in length and also includes a convenient safety cap and keyring. By looking at this small pepper spray unit, nobody will think it's a self defense weapon, but it is!

You might think that if you have such a small unit, that it would be a pain to buy another if it empties... But you don't need to worry, because it's also REFILLABLE! When you are out of pepper spray, you can purchase a separate canister for refills. The canister, called the Mace KeyGuard Refill, will allow you to refill your unit approximately 15 more times!

The Mace KeyGuard Self Defense Spray is easy to use, just flip the cap up and spray! The unit reaches 5 feet away and shoots approximately 6 short blasts. PLUS, remember to aim toward an attacker's eyes and face. The spray will cause an attacker to shut their eyes from all the pain making them temporarily blind... It can cause them to cry like a baby as well. The spray may also penetrate through their nose and mouth, causing them to inhale the pepper spray, which in turn is even more devastating to the attacker! Don't forget to give a Valentine's Day Gift, on February 14th!

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