Friday, February 24, 2017

Wildfire Keychain Pepper Spray 18%, Only $8.97

Save money by purchasing this unit that contains 18% pepper, is compact, yet includes as much pepper spray as plastic cased ones that are bulky!

This self defense unit can be hidden easily in your hand and includes a Quick Key Release Keychain. The Quick Key Release Keychain with 18%, allows you to open your home's door or leave your car ignition on, while you spray against an attacker or rapist. Women or men can use it for self defense and only cost's $8.97!

Using this Wildfire Keychain Pepper Spray 18% is easy... Simply turn the red lever to the right, aim toward the eyes and face of an attacker and shoot the thin stream. A thin stream, prevents the liquid from blowing back at you!

This Wildfire Keychain Pepper Spray 18% unit, also includes a belt clip and UV Marking Dye, which facilitates police in capturing an attacker or rapist. You see, police can identify the individual, once they place him or her, under a UV Marking Dye Lamp... Verifying that they caught the right attacker or rapist. Perfect for self defense and only cost's $8.97!

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