Thursday, July 30, 2015

Do You Have A Bad Sense Of Direction? You'll Never Get Lost Again!

Many of us don’t have a good sense of direction… Especially when it’s dark out and we are unfamiliar with the area.
We have a solution for this, it’s called the Paracord Bracelet With Built In Compass. Many people take it with them when they go camping or hiking, because it’s perfect in emergency situations when you need a rope or get lost, and not know what direction to take! In fact it contains 10.5 feet of cord, along with a compass, flint bar for an emergency fire and a whistle to alert others, as well… Definitely perfect for camping or when in a busy city you're not familiar with!

The Paracord Bracelet With Built In Compass, can also be used for a camping emergency, such as the need for a tourniquet, replacing shoe laces, using it as a fishing line. You can even thin the Paracord more, and use it as a sewing thread! Not bad for a bracelet!

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