Monday, July 27, 2015

Send Your Daughter Or Son To College Equipped With A Non Lethal Self Defense Weapon!

Whether you have a daughter or a son going to college, it’s important to not just get them notebooks and pens, but something they can use for their safety, in case they need to physically defend themselves.
Give your kids peace of mind when they go to college this fall. Make sure they have all they need to make good grades, AND equip them with a self defense unit, as well. Unfortunately, sometimes attending a university is not a very safe place. It’s important for your child to take something they can use to defend themselves, if they do encounter a dangerous situation. Add a non lethal, self defense unit to their college gear, such as a personal alarm, pepper spray or a stun gun.

A Personal Alarm is perfect for students, especially since most universities have campus security. Security personnel keep an ear out when students use their personal alarms. Some students prefer to carry pepper spray or stun guns when on campus. Pepper Sprays come in handy because they can be used at a good distance from an attacker. Another self defense unit your daughter or son might prefer, is a Stun Gun. All they would have to do, is simply touch the attacker with it. When a person uses a stun gun on an attacker, the attacker eventually drops to the ground and becomes totally helpless and incoherent. This allows your child to leave the scene safely.

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