Wednesday, July 22, 2015

In 2009, A New Federal Law Required Hospitals To Have Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits For Raped Women

The statement was made in 2008 and in 2009, hospitals did keep rape evidence kits for at least 90 days. This was to allow women the opportunity to decide if they wanted to press charges against a rapist… It was a good idea! 

It’s been 6 years, since sealed Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits have been accumulating in many of our States. The Violence Against Women Act, provides tax dollars for the rape kits and also shelters. But there is a problem… States are collecting Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits, but little or no police investigations have been performed or followed up with! It seems like women and men who were raped, are not important enough for a police investigation. Most victims have spent years, waiting for their results and some are still waiting! This is a tremendous personal catastrophe, directed mostly towards women.

There are many rapists roaming around, free as a bird, because these kits have never been even opened for police investigation! Money was offered for these Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits, and you wonder where that money went… Seems like the funds were channeled toward other responsibilities, making hundreds of rapists very happy!

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