Monday, July 6, 2015

Mangrove Forest Leveled For The 2016 Miami Boat Show

Will we ever learn? Plants around the world, are what keep our earth’s civilization alive, including animals!

We couldn’t believe when we came across this article! A mangrove forest that flourished along Key Biscayne, an island off the coast of Miami, Florida, was butchered to make way for the 2016 Miami Boat Show.

This is why our world is suffering from global warming. Whoever ordered to cut down the mangroves, for the 2016 event, should be SUED! Not to mention that there are sensitive coral reefs around the area, as well.

I was raised in Miami, Florida and have seen the changes occur all around the peninsula. Our neighborhoods used to be full of tropical trees… It was cooler back then due to the trees shading our streets.

A fish habitat has been lost because of this mindless destruction of the mangroves along Key Biscayne for a boat show. How environmentally challenged could authorities be, to allow such environmental destruction of plants and animals, for a boat show that only caters to the rich?

Source: Taylor Hill, TakePart's associate environment and wildlife editor.

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