Friday, July 31, 2015

Need To Keep Your Valuables Safe, But Can’t Afford A Bank Deposit Box?

Why pay for a bank deposit box when you can keep your valuables such as jewelry or money, in a disguised hidden safe at home?
Keep your valuables close to you and where people can’t see them. How you might ask? You can purchase a Candle Diversion Safe that is disguised to look like an ordinary decoration candle, but allows you to hide your money, jewelry or any small valuable objects, in it. In fact you can place the Candle Diversion Safe in plain site for all to see, and not worry about anyone taking your hidden money, jewelry or any valuables! PLUS, it also can be lit up like a regular candle. Just not frequently because eventually the 100% vegetable candle wax, will wear down and expose the hidden medal compartment! This disguised Candle Diversion Safe, is 4 inches tall and it’s metal compartment measures 1.5” wide  x  3.75” tall.

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