Friday, July 10, 2015

NEW: Portable Water Bottle w/ Built-in Filter

This handy water bottle is a must if you like to be outdoors in the wilderness, and need clean H2O. It's also convenient for when traveling to a foreign country that has poor sanitation issues!
Under our Survival Gear category, you will find a few items of interest and one of them is the Portable Water Bottle w/ Built-in Filter. We all know what an ordeal it is to carry large H2O containers with us when we want to enjoy the outdoors. Not only are they bulky, but they weigh a ton and camping is already tedious, as it is!

This Portable Water Bottle w/ Built-in Filter, will allow you to breeze through your outdoor adventures. Whether you go hiking or camping outdoors, you won't have to waste time boiling rain, river or lake water along with the extra weight of carrying it, to keep you hydrated! It measures 10.5 inches tall x 3 inches wide and it filter's water fast and efficiently.

Besides enjoying the outdoors, it's perfect for traveling too! No worries about H2O conditions while you are in a foreign country, either! Sometimes people become allergic or can't tolerate drinking water from foreign countries and spend a lot of extra money for just purchasing it!

The Portable Water Bottle w/ Built-in Filter, turns rain, lake or river water into drinkable water immediately, while you are hiking or camping. Plus, it also helps you stay healthy when drinking water from other countries while traveling!

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