Tuesday, July 28, 2015

NEW: Pepper Spray w/ Quick Release Keychain Cheetah, Perfect For College Students

These decorative pepper spray units are available in pink, yellow or white with black cheetah patterns. They reach 8 feet and contain 5, one second bursts.
College is just around the corner and students are already getting prepared for the Fall Semester. It’s important to remember that besides notebooks, pens and other items, students also need to carry a self defense unit. This is where a pepper spray unit comes in handy!

Female and yes, even male students need protection. Make sure that your son or daughter includes a self defense product when they are getting ready for college. These 10% Cheetah Pattern Cases, also include a “Quick Key Release”. The quick key release allows for the unit to be sprayed, even if it’s attached to a home door or car ignition. This is because the quick key release allows separation of the pepper spray unit from the keychain entirely and therefore can be aimed toward an attacker! 

This Cheetah patterned unit is perfect for college, as well as for people in general, that need to carry a self defense unit! Also available in 18%.

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