Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Keep Your Dog Safe With Pet Blinkers!

If you have a dog, you know that sometimes car drivers don't pay much attention to our little companions. This is especially true during sunset, and at night when visibility is compromised!
Many of us have hairy companions and most of the time dogs obey, stay close to us and offer us safety. But other times, they see something that excites them so much that somehow, they pull off the leash! They're fast and can run toward the street... It's important for others to be able to see your pet, while you walk them and when they rush off and prey on a small critter!

This is why all dog lovers should have Pet Blinkers on their little hairy one's collar! These units will protect your dog, especially when it's dark out. They have a flashing light that aims down to the sidewalk or street, letting others know of your pup's presence and therefore offering your hairy companion some safety. If you walk your pet at night before going to bed, the Pet Blinker is a must!

Consider the Pet Blinkers for your beloved companion's safety, especially while walking him or her at night!

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