Thursday, September 29, 2016

Have You Ever Wanted to Spy On Someone? Maybe Your Maid, Baby Sitter, House Guest or Employee!

This unit might be just what you need! It’s cute, with a smiley face, but that’s not all it is… The lovable disguised unit, among other different ones, can decor your home, office and also records people you might want to spy on. has MANY, Real Hidden Cameras With DVR’s. Besides the Smiley Face one, we have units that look like a Pen, Cross, Cigarette Lighter, Smoke Detector, Radio, Wall Hook and more! Well, you get the idea. Plus, we are still adding more units! These cameras are very handy and can give you peace of mind, if you are UNCOMFORTABLE with a particular person or group in your home or business.

Perfect for spying on a maid, baby sitter, house guest or employee! The Real Hidden Cameras With DVR’s are available in several prices. Some like the Pen Hidden Video Camera with Mini DVR cost’s only $39.99. Others like the P2P HD Wifi Smoke Detector Hidden Camera cost’s $149.99. Prices vary depending on the features each unit includes, which you can read about on our website.

Check them all out! Plus, remember that we are still adding more of these types of cameras to our website, so be sure to peek in again, in the near future! Perfect if you have a maid, baby sitter, house guest or a suspicious employee.

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