Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Our Store Has The Latest Tasers for Civilians is always up to date on self defense products and the latest Citizen Tasers are no exception. Perfect for women or men's protection!
There is no doubt that Tasers have revolutionized the world. Less people die, due to police using Tasers, instead of a firearm against individuals. All these units can reach 15 feet away, they all have a backup stun gun capacity, after the prongs are deployed. That means that you can still use it by touching an attacker with the tip of the unit, even after the prongs have been used against perhaps another attacker! All these self defense units that can reach 15 feet, include laser sight for aiming (the red dot on an attacker indicates where the top prong will hit the individual). As you can see, aiming is a breeze... The units also include LED light to shine into attacker's eyes or see your surroundings, no cleaning required, no kickback and many other features!

All the Citizen Tasers have similar features... But some features on the more expensive units are not available for the smaller units. For example the TASER X2 Defender's battery can tase 500 times, vs. the TASER Pulse's that tases 50 times with it's battery! The TASER X26P can have an attached camera that records audio and video incidents...

PLUS, if your TASER get's stolen, you can replace it for free, if you have a police record of the incident!

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