Friday, September 2, 2016

My Dilemma to Go or Not Go To Cuba on Jet Blue or Any Other Airline!

My parents decided to come to the United States of America, back in 1961. I was only 2 years old and overheard on a daily basis, the hatred they felt toward the communist Fidel Castro.

I don't blame them... When Fidel Castro took over Cuba, he also took possession of my dad's pharmacy and many other businesses in Cuba. For many decades, people were loosing their possessions, their homes, their music, their religion and more... Yes, he didn't even allow Cuban citizens to pray! In fact, he also was the owner of all the food, as well! A communist with a bottomless appetite to possess, an oxymoron to it's fullest definition of communism.

My parents knew that Communism wasn't of their liking. So we all came to the U.S.A. My mother was pregnant with my sister, who was born a few days after we arrived. They were so glad to escape communism, that they named my new baby sister, after the first lady, Jacqueline!

Eventually my parents became more comfortable here in the U.S.A. but still held a grudge towards Fidel Castro. My parents died a few years back. They thought they would outlive Castro and return to Cuba one day, but unfortunately they didn't...

I sometimes watch on the internet pictures of Cuba, the land, beaches and architecture... Of course I've heard stories of how happy everyone was in their native land. But that was the past and now is the present. JetBlue airlines has started to fly passengers to Cuba and plans to go 300 times each week! Sounds nice, but would my parents think, if I go to the island? Will I be breaking the rule and going there, when the Castros are still in power, protecting their profits? What would my parents think of that? Plus, the Castros still have many political prisoners!

I guess, I will wait and hope that before I go to Cuba one day, the country will have become a democracy. That's the only way, I would be able to enjoy the island nation... When it's people are free and live in a democratic country, just like the good old U.S.A!

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