Friday, September 9, 2016

Is it a Pen or a Hidden Camera? It's actually BOTH!

Have you ever wanted to video an incident or spy on somebody? Well, we got the unit for you. It's called the Pen Hidden Video Camera with Mini DVR and it also writes!
Many people use their cell phone to capture an incident, but if you want to be incognito and not let others know you are recording them, this unit is for you!

It's called the Pen Hidden Video Camera with Mini DVR. Plus, it actually writes, as well! This mini video camera's lens is tiny... It's a little circle, just above the clip of the pen. To start recording, is just a click of the pen! This unit can record for 2 hours and download in high speed USB 2.0 to your PC for viewing. This camera will hold 4 GB of files. It supports Windows Linux, auto identifies the operating system and installs related drivers.

When the Pen Hidden Video Camera with Mini DVR, doesn't write anymore, all you have to do is purchase a standard ball-point refill and voila, it writes again!

Image Sensor 1/6” Color CMOS
Resolution = 352 × 288
Memory = 4 GB
Video Format = AVI
Pixels = 300,000
View Angle = 50°

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