Tuesday, September 20, 2016

WomenOnGuard.com Has Pepper Sprays with Convenient Quick Key Release!

Having a quick key release unit, allows you to use your pepper spray, even if it's attached to a door knob or your car's ignition. It snaps apart, so that you can still spray an attacker!

Speed is of the essence when you have an attacker coming at you... These self defense soft or hard case units, all have a Quick Key Release. You can attach them to your purse's handle or place them inside your briefcase or pocket. These pepper spray units are available in soft or hard cases.

If you ever need to use any of these Pepper Shot Pepper Spray with Quick Key Release units against an attacker, always aim toward their eyes and face. They will have to close their eyes, from all the heat and pain it causes. Plus, the attacker can even inhale it, making it more devastating. These units also have an Invisible UV Marking Dye, which allows police to positively identify an attacker, if they place them under a UV lamp!

Each Pepper Shot Pepper Spray with Quick Key Release, contains approximately 5 one-second shots and can reach 8 feet away... All you have to do is place your thumb under the cap and press the lever down. Prices range from only $8.49 to $10.95, perfect for self defense!

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