Tuesday, September 6, 2016

LABOR DAY SALE CONTINUED: Jolt Mini Stun Gun 35 Million Volts In Several Colors, Only $21.95!

35 or 46 Million Volts, demands respect! You definitely will be safe with this unit that includes many convenient features. Great for women or men.
Protect yourself with the affordable Strongest Stun Gun on the market for Labor Day! The Jolt Mini Stun Guns in green, purple, black and pink with 35 Million Volts have incredible FEATURES and sell for only $21.95! The stronger the voltage, the less amount of time you have to hang around and defend yourself against an attacker. It's easy to use, just touch a person with it until they fall to the ground! PLUS, we just added a stronger Jolt Strongest Mini Stun Gun 46 Million Volts Black, only only $22.95! All 5 Affordable Units have rubberized coating for the unit's protection and your's as well!

Jolt Features for Self Defense with 35 or 46 Million Volts

- Strongest stun guns in the market today, 35 or 46 million volts
- Metal disable pin, so attacker can't use the unit against you
- Built in charger, slide out plug
- Bright LED flashlight, can be shined into attacker's eyes and handy
- Includes safety switch to prevent accidental discharge
- Rubberized coating to prevent slippage from hands and protects unit
- Free holster included with the unit
- 5 Year self defense warranty

Great Labor Day Sale for women or men's protection!

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