Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Our Exercise Sports Package Includes; Mace Pepper Spray, Mini Personal Panic Alarm and a Bicycle Safety Headlight!

This package is perfect for women or men who like to exercise. It benefits college students too, since campuses are large and riding a bicycle is a must.

We all know that exercise it good for you, so we built this convenient package that includes 3 items you don't want to be without! Everyone needs to exercise and these three units are perfect for self defense. Especially when it's dark out.

The Exercise Package Includes
  • Mace Jogger Pepper Spray - It includes a belt clip, keychain and a velcro-like strap to wrap around your hand. The unit shoots 10, one second bursts and can reach up to 12 feet. Available in pink or black and perfect for women or men.
  • Bicycle Safety Headlight - This unit fits perfectly on a bicycle handlebar OR you can use it on it's own as a handy LED flashlight. Batteries are included with the bicycle headlight!
  • Mini Personal Panic Alarm - No college student should be without a personal panic alarm on campus. The unit includes a 120dB alarm to alert others or campus police, by simply squeezing the unit's sides. Includes clip to attach to clothes, LED light and (3) free LR44 batteries! Available in pink or black.

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