Monday, September 12, 2016

Taser Pulse for Women or Men's Self Defense

The Taser Pulse self defense unit is smaller than other weapons made by Taser International. Since it's more compact, it fits better in women's hands. This unit is very easy to use and won't hurt a women's shoulder when they shoot it!

 Taser Pulse Features
- Reaches a safe distance of 15 feet away
- Includes LASER for perfect aiming
- Automatically tases on ground for 30 seconds while you escape
- Smaller unit, fits better in women's hands
- No kick back, won't hurt a women's shoulder when shooting
- Includes an LED flashlight to aim at attacker's eyes or surroundings
- If stolen, you can file a police report and get a new unit FREE from Taser
- No need to clean, since it doesn't use gun powder

The Taser Pulse also includes other convenient features as well. Click on the link for more interesting aspects of this incredible, non lethal self defense unit... As mentioned above, it fits better into women's smaller hands, no kick back and can reach 15 feet!

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