Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Affordable Yet Powerful 2 Million Volt Stun Gun

With today's economy, people are very budget conscience, but still need a weapon to defend themselves. This non lethal self defense product is economical, yet powerful!

Just because it costs only $37.46, doesn't mean it doesn't come with all the powerful bells and whistles required for self defense! The affordable Small Fry Stun Gun, packs 2 million volts of take down power. Just touching someone with the weapon and pressing a button, is all you have to do. The outer casing has a rubberized armor coating, to prevent this baby from slipping out of your hands! It also has an LED light, which makes it hard for an attacker to see you at night, when you shine it into their face. Another great aspect about this powerful, self defense stun gun is that no batteries are required, because it's rechargeable too... And if that weren't enough features for this affordable 2 million volt weapon, it also comes with a FREE holster and of course, a safety switch!

This sturdy 2 million volt, self defense stun gun is a must for the budget conscious buyer, who needs a reliable, affordable stun gun. Plus, are you ready for this? This product comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, that goes hand in hand with the highest quality components as well!

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