Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Do You Live Alone and Get Scary Phone Calls?

Many of us women live alone now a days and nothing can be worse than getting a phone call from a complete stranger, threatening to hurt us.

Let's face it, there are many sick people out there that like to prey on single women. Especially if they think that she lives by herself. It is very intimidating and downright scary. Many times when we get calls like these, we wish that we had a man around to answer our phone. Well, there is an easy solution to this; a telephone voice changer!
I know... you probably have only seen these used in crime movies, where the assassins use them, making their voices sound like an alligator is talking on the phone. But a voice changer doesn't have to sound like a raspy, evil monster, it can be set to just deepen the sound. You can actually be mistaken for a man, by simply adjusting the settings of a unit to a lower sounding tone.

Telephone Voice Changer
Here's where the Telephone Voice Changer with Keychain, comes in handy. It's easy to use and perfect for women that live alone and get scary or threatening phone calls. Simply place the unit over the phone's mouthpiece, adjust it to the setting you want and speak normally. It works on regular, cell or even public phones. The Telephone Voice Changer is small enough to add to your key ring, making it convenient to use, where ever you are! Perfect for single women who live alone or single moms too.

Next time you get a threatening call from someone you don't know, it doesn't need to be scary. Simply answer it with a man's voice. They'll never know the call was answered by a woman!

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