Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mace Personal Alarms with No Batteries Required

Mace Screecher carries many personal alarms and most require batteries, except for two. These two are great, to let others know that you are in a life threatening emergency. Especially if pepper spray is ILLEGAL to carry in your city.

Mace is one of the most reliable brands that people have depended on for decades. They make two products for self defense that will let others know, you are in distress. The ear piercing Mace Screecher Emergency Alarm and the Mace Emergency Whistle.

The Screecher is an aerosol personal alarm, similar to what you hear sometimes in football games, but with a higher sounding pitch, instead of a horn sound. The ear piercing, call for help blast, can be heard up to 1/4 mile away!!! This attention getter doesn't need batteries and you can use it approximately 20 times. It's a great self defense product to carry for outdoor workouts too. The Screecher is a must for runners, joggers, walkers or even hikers!

Mace Emergency Whistle
The other personal alarm that doesn't require batteries, is called the Mace Emergency Whistle. It requires you to blow into it, like an ordinary whistle. The 116 decibel, duo note sound, is recognized as a distress signal and will again, let others know that you are in a dangerous situation. This device works without a plastic pea in it, so it makes a continuous sound, even when it gets wet! This Mace product also comes with a cord that can be attached on your wrist or around your neck.

Not only are these two personal alarms great for adults, but for college students too. They are handy for children, who can take them into parks, as well. Your children can instantly let you know if they are in distress, by simply blowing into the Whistle or pressing down on the Screecher!

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