Friday, September 21, 2012

Perfume Pepper Spray Proceeds, Help Fight Breast Cancer

On a previous blog post, we mentioned a list of products in our store, who's proceeds help research the fight against Breast Cancer disease... We are proud to mention that we added another item to that list!

This beautiful disguised product looks like a heart shaped perfume container. But it really is a self defense weapon! You can take it with you anywhere you see fit. Whether it's on a blind date, going to work or going to college. No one will ever know you are carrying a weapon in your purse, briefcase or backpack! If someone is getting a little too pushy, just pretend you are going to freshen up and than aim it at their eyes or face and spray... Then turn around and run like a bat out of hell, to get away from them!

Along with helping Breast Cancer research, the disguised Heart Shape Perfume Pepper Spray weapon, has 18% concentration of pepper, versus other brands that only have a concentration of just 10%. When used for self defense, it will temporarily make the eyes feel like they are burning, causing the aggressive person to close their eyes and giving you the chance to escape from them. The distressing effect, also makes them cough up a storm!

The disguised Perfume Pepper Spray helps fight against Breast Cancer and self defense! How wonderful is that?

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